Provisional Programme

Monday 6th June

10:30-11:00     Registration Day 1/Coffee

11:00-11:05     Introduction

11:05-12:30   Session 1: Religion and Education

 A Lesson in Medieval Medicine? Variations in the Late Medieval Textual Commemoration of Saint Margaret of Antioch (Kathy Frances, University of Manchester)

 The Crown, the Church and the Uses of Canon Law: Episcopal Elections in Thirteenth Century England (Katherine Harvey, King’s College, London)

 That myth it here if that hem list”: Intellectual Orthodoxy in John Capgrave’s 1445 ‘Life of Saint Katherine’ (Emily Dalton, Princeton University)

  12:30-13:30     Lunch

1330-14:30 Keynote Speaker: Carolyn Muessig, ‘ Monasticism, Scholasticism and Women’s Religious Education in the Late Middle Ages’

15:00-16:30     Session 2: Politics and Education

Flodoard of Rheims and the politics of history-writing in the tenth century (Edward Roberts University of St. Andrews

Æthelweard’s Ancestors: Writing Family History in late Anglo-Saxon England (Katherine Cross, University College, London)

War! War! War! Sle, sle, sle, the Walshe dogges!” The relationship between the university and the Celtic fringe (Scott Jenkins, Swansea University)

 17:00:              Group Meal TBA (optional)


Tuesday 7th July

10:30 -10:40    Registration Day Two

10:40 – 12:30  Session 3:   Transmission and Representation of Knowledge

 ‘Hinc effundit rudibus eruditionem’: The Flow of Wisdom motif in Twelfth Century Thought (James, Smith, University of Western Australia)

Augustine’s De Doctrina Christiana in the Carolingian Age (J. David Schlosser, Purdue University)

The Bestiary – A Symbol of the Medieval Stagnation of Knowledge? (Diane Heath, University of Kent)

“On Gout, from the 6th to the 16th century: four manuscript traditions deriving from Alexander of Tralles” (Valerie Knight, University of Manchester)

12:30-13:30     Lunch

 13.30-15:00     Manuscript Roundtable/ Library Tour

15:00-15.30     Coffee/Tea

15:30- 16:55    Session4:    Literature and Education

“Speaking Useful Words: the Discourse of Counsel in Orkneyinga Saga” (David Baker, Cambridge University)

Queen Truth’s Royal Chessboard: Teaching Charles VI in Philippe de Mézières’ Songe du vieil pelerine (Kristin Bourassa, University of York)

Religious Didactism of Drama (Dr Johana Porcu-Adama, University of Manchester)

 16:55-17:00     Conclusion


About medievaleducation

A two day postgraduate conference at the University of Manchester John Rylands Library, Deansgate.
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